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The Digital Marketing Certification Program is an online course designed to help you understand and master the various aspects of Digital Marketing. The program is designed and developed by practising digital marketing professionals with over 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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Through our practice quizzes and MCQs you can test yourself on the skills you have learnt at every level.

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On successful completion of the course, participants will be certified as Digital Marketers by Manipal ProLearn.

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This program enables students and professionals to create their own schedules so that they can study and learn at their own pace.

Become a certified professional in just a few months.

In just 3 months, this highly intensive program equips you for a rewarding career in the field of Digital Marketing.

Course Structure

The program is divided into 5 modules which completely cover the nuances of Digital Marketing. From the basics of SEO to the thorough understanding of Analytics and SEM, the program imparts an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Digital Marketing.

  • Introduction to Online Search.
  • Understanding How Search Engines Work.
  • Understanding Google Page Rank.
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation.
  • How to Build an Accessible Site ?
  • Keyword Research and Optimisation.
  • Link Building Strategies.
  • Useful Tools for SEO.
  • The Past, Present and Future of SEO.
  • Introduction to Internet and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Getting Started with Google Adwords.
  • Adwords Account Structure.
  • Navigating in Google Adwords.
  • Working with Keywords.
  • Creating Ads in Google Adwords.
  • Creating and Managing your First Ad Campaign.
  • Adwords Reporting and Account Performance Reports.
  • Beginners Guide to the World of SMM.
  • Why Social Media ?
  • Getting Started with Social Media.
  • Building Relationships via Facebook.
  • Building Relationships via Twitter.
  • Building Relationships via LinkedIn.
  • Marketing through YouTube.
  • Handling Positive and Negative. Comments
  • Social Media Content Base Creation.
  • Who is Doing it Right ?
  • Analytics 101.
  • Web Analytics and Intelligence Tools.
  • Basic Metrics Demystified.
  • Introduction to Google Analytics.
  • Goals and Actionable Insights.
  • Data Management.
  • Social Media Analytics.
  • Social Media Goals and KPI’s.
  • Tools for Social Media Analytics.
  • What is ORM ?
  • Need and Benefits of ORM.
  • Case Studies.
  • Getting Started with ORM.
  • Building it right and tools required.


  • The minimum requirement to be eligible for the program is 10+2 pass or equivalent.
  • The program is best suited for students and working professionals with a keen interest in developing their skills in digital marketing.
  • Current digital marketing professionals who wish to hone their skills and become experts in their field would greatly benefit from the course.
  • Ideal for professionals who wish to excel in the field of Digital Marketing and become leaders in the industry.

Sample Lecture

In the Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, students are introduced to the engaging and dynamic world of Social Media. Right from getting familiar with the various platforms used,to learning how to build credible relationships, the lecture gives an in-depth understanding of social media concepts.

  • Building credible relationships through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • How to effectively market through YouTube.
  • Developing quality content and keeping the community active.
  • Handling feedback and comments effectively.

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The Certificate Program

opens up greater prospects for professionals in their career and enhances their employability in the world of Digital Marketing.

The certification demonstrates the candidate’s abilities and expertise in digital marketing and enriches his/her career prospects.
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